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Image by Munir Rani


Knut & Co was founded by Mike and Fabian (more about us below) based on our English and Scandinavian heritage.

For us a symbol of the mixture of those cultures is King Knut - the King of Norway, Sweden, Denmark but also titled The King of All England.

Our designs are inspired by Scandinavian nature and old Nordic Runes. Our signature two runes are the Elder Furthark (Old Scandinavian) letters for the N and the T taken from the name Knut. They also happen to mean Hardship and The One Handed God respectively which we thought was pretty cool.




Fabian is the inspiration behind the Knut & Co name. His Norwegian family left him with it as a middle name.

After years of living in London, he craves the outdoors and a minimal life, mirrored by the Knut & Co aesthetic.

Harship, the One Handed God is his signature design.

Feel free to contact Fabian by clicking the button below.




Mike also has Scandinavian heritage, although his traces back more closely to King Knut's era than Fabian's.

Mike has always kept away from big city life, preferring to get his kicks in the Peak District.

Mike's signature designs are The Danelaw and the Norges Flagg.

Feel free to contact Mike by clicking the button below.

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